Sunday, June 22, 2008

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5

As a tribute to the great bullcrapper, Eklund
I, Hal, will be doing my own rumor blog.

H1 - Very unlikely

H2 - Flames winning the Stanley Cup likley

H3 - Malkin leaving Pittsburgh likley

H4 - Hossa leaving Pittsburgh likely

H5 - Chuck Kobasew being the greatest superstar ever likely

2011-2012 season when Kobasew is a UFA, he goes back to Calgary (H3)

Hossa to New York (H2), I've also heard specukation of Hossa to Washington (H2), Hossa to Boston (H2), Hossa out of Pittsburgh (H5)

Is getting a superstar at the trade deadline really worth it? I guess for the Penguins it was ... Hossa was a huge contributor to the team and they probably wouldn't have made it to where they were without them. But now, they're going to lose him, no Colby Armstrong or Erik Christeanson and no first round draft pick ... that's an awfully high price to pay.

Remember Forsberg to Nashville? That was such a dissapointed and Nashville sent half their team.

Jagr to Europe (H1), Jagr to New York (H3), Jagr to Edmonton (H1), Jagr to Minnesota (-H10)

More to come guys, stay tuned


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