Friday, April 25, 2008

A Sergei Zubov Update

The Dallas Stars seemingly cakewalked the defending stanley cup champions. They did this without there two best defenseman. When is Sergei Zubov (a potential norris trophy candidate until he got injured) due back.... (Ièm sorry guys there will be no question marks or quotations today because my parents computer keyboard is fucked).

It is looking like Zubov will play sometime this round. Phillipe Boucher was injured in game 3 against anaheim, and will not be back this round. Having Zubov as a wild card to throw in at any point in the series, gives the stars hope in overcoming bad games against the sharks. This wild card approach has been utilized by three teams.

Montreal: who lost when using it against boston by bringing in Koivu, but who still won the series

Ottawa: who lost bringing alfredson back.

Pittsburgh: who won four straight after bringing gary roberts back.

None of these players were defenseman, so it is hard to judge how zubov will will mix with his revitalized dallas stars. The Dallas Stars are known for their emotions. The only season they have missed the playoffs in the past decade, was the season after September 11th.

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