Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is Harc Smarter than a monkey?

Montreal: Chuck Kobasew will win this series for the Boston Bruins if he is in the lineup. But unfortunately he is suffering with injuries (that is why sportsnet will not let you choose him). Watch for Montreal to win this one.

Ottawa: experience over youth.


NJ: Sutter's don't lose.


SJ: this will be the most exiting series. SJ has really had a tough time getting scoring this season. Markus Naslund almost outsocred Joe Thorton. Watch for Owen Nolan to make a big splash against his old team... and then get injured halfway through the second period of game 1.

Minnesota: This series is gonna be a snooze fest unfortunately. If Colorado shows any sort of life, Minnesota will turn up the Trap. All the weight will be put on Joe Sakic's back and Forsberg's groin.

Anaheim: Watch Turco step it up and win this series for Dallas. Fuck you Turko for screwing up my prediction.

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