Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Breakthrough in Hockey

According to my hockey knowledge, Bobby Hull invented the slapshot. Can you imagine going to the game where you get to witness the first slapshot? you've waited in line and paid an outrageous 50 cents to get beers. It's early in the second period and you're starting to zone out of the game a little. then, Bobby Hull breaks into the other teams zone, lifts his stick backwards. someone shouts out "what are you doing with that stick bobby?" Then he slaps it forward, whacking the puck at 80 km/h towards the net. you don't even notice that the puck went into the net. you just turn to albert and say "did you see that?"

two nights ago a moment that changed hockey history also happened. Sean Avery's move to try and screen Marty Brodeur with his stick. "Albert, did you see that?" This is what Sean Avery's backup goalie had to say about it:

"He asked me when he came off the ice if I'd ever seen that," the New York Rangers backup goalie said after practice Tuesday. "He said, 'I don't even know why I did that. I just came up with it.' He just invented it at the moment. That's how Sean's mind works."

Sean has chosen to go on a media boycott, which is probably a smart move.

Thanks to Sean's new tactic, we're going to have to change the NHL rulebooks. There's no way we can allow this to go on. possible suggestions:

give defencemen more leeway to clear the crease without taking an instigator penalty

give out penalties for blatantly stupid screening like averies last night (they easily could have given him an unsporstmanlike.)

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  1. I saw that shit too, it was the dumbest, most genius thing I've ever seen. Bet you didnt know I read your blog!