Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anaheim Mighty Duck Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome

When you win the Stanley Cup, and if you were a player that was a big part of the cup run, and you take great pride in your stanley cup ring, and you got to drink champagne out of the cup, it must be hard to find the motivation to win again. On paper, The Ducks are a much better team this year than last. They have added Todd Bertuzzi, Schneider, and their young stars have only matured.

Maybe the Ducks will need a complete overhaul if they lose first round this year. Bring in new faces to find motivation again, rather than signing all these young players to expensive long term contracts in a few years.

Washington Capitals have the right business plan. Have one player that can do very well, but only one player. Never allow the team to win the cup, because you stay 12 million dollars under the salary cap. You will always make the playoffs but you will never win the cup because you don't have that extra ingredient to push you over the edge. Thusly, maximizing profits.

Teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and the Anaheim Ducks and this years cup winners will need overhauls, because its hard to stay motivated when you already gots the ring.

PS) I write this as a i study for economics.

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