Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Now that We've Made it in the Big Leagues

Finally this blog has achieved what i long hoped for: recognition. Earlier last week, the most talented hockey bloggers on the web, finally gave our website the recognition it has long deserved. Thank you to T2MA bloggers, you have allowed me to achieve my goal of stardom. If you go to their site at: http://the2manadvantage.blogspot.com/
you will notice that our blog has made it into the links page...finally.

The funny thing is, now that i have achieved stardom, i find less incentive to write. Like the boy who works hard to woe the girl of his dreams. He buys her flowers, spends hours writing her beautiful love letters, and takes her on expensive dates. And finally, when he is able to call her his girlfriend, he realizes that she is not quite excactly what he wanted. He just liked the chase and never wanted to end that. So he breaks up with her, just to realize how much he really needs her. But at this point she has turned her back on him, and refuses to look at him compassionately ever again. But he does not care. He just loves to pursue, even if he isn't being pursued back. Years of drunken phone calls and belittling of each others characters ensue. And the boy is happy... and miserable.

That's how i feel, and that is why i have not been posting on my blog lately. Sorry guys. Maybe if the canucks weren't a bunch of lazy slackers, i would feel more inclined to post. And maybe if Cindy would return my calls, i would have more passion for life. I guess the only thing left to turn to, is the bottle.

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