Friday, February 15, 2008

Richard Zednik is apparently doing a lot better now. Last night he even asked the hospital staff if they would let him have buffalo wings for dinner. What do you think? I might stay away from the spicy foods if I just had my throat slit open. Imagine pouring buffalo sauce onto an open wound. i thought this combination of chicken wings and hockey would be very fitting for this blog.

look at the guy in the top left corner of the picture who is saying "that's a spicy meatball".

"Sonya Noor, M.D., the attending surgeon for Richard Zednik, said the Florida Panther player continues to improve and should be discharged sometime over the next 48 hours.

Dr. Noor confirmed Zednik’s condition Thursday afternoon. She added, “He asked if he could eat Buffalo chicken wings yesterday – so we let him.”

Picasso’s Pizza of Western New York donated wings and pizza Wednesday night for the Zednik’s as well as the nursing staff at Buffalo General Hospital."
>> team release

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