Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deadline Day Haiku's

Richards the new star,
Shining brightly in dallas,
They won't win shooutouts.

Fedorov the CAP,
Two Russian Rockets in Wash,
Lets see some playoffs.

Huet sent away,
Have the caps won deadline day?
Ovech has a goal-lay

Foote is now an av,
Avs are remaking old team,
North West is toughest.

Sharks on the blueline
Got stronger today; with the
Brian Campbell way.

Pens are now the best,
NHL top point grossah
Thanks to their Hossa.

Boogard Stays in Min,
They still bring Chris Simon in,
30 game suspension?

Stuart a cheap fit,
To help wings replace lidstrom,
What a great D-core!!!!

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