Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Current Mindset Concerning the NW Division

Calgary can take the division. It's all theirs. We had it last year and they can have it this year. We have to payback Keenan anyway for the Luongo trade. Colorado will fight for 8th place for the rest of the season. With Sakic and Smyth out it is unlikely that they will be able to compete for the division. Minnesota will keep it close. Edmonton might be able to squeak in; especially if colorado drops. Wouldn't it be crazy if all 5 from the NW made it? It could happen. And monkeys could fly out of my butt. I truly hope that i will be lucky enough to see a flames vs. canucks first round. Maybe the only reason i can say this, is because canucks have dominated the series so far this year. C'mon canucks. Maybe Luongo can get injured and we'll drop to sixth place in the west. And then he will be perfectly healthy come playoff time and we will be ready to go....unlike the flames who tired themselves out trying to win the division.

I apologize for giving my honest opinion rather than making witty commentary while posting absurd ideas. The latter is what good writing is all about.

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