Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holy Shit I love Power Rankings

Man, I soak that stuff up like a cell in a hypotonic solution

It's tough deciding between SI, TSN, and ESPN, they all have real good ones. I hate TSN rankings the most, they are probably the stupidest, whereas SI is definitely the most fair and has the best writing.

Since I can't possibly follow the league as closely as those sports writers, I'll have a NW weekly Power ranking:

Jan 2 - Jan 9
Calgary Flames - Only 1 regulation loss to the hot Coyotes, no big deal
Vancouver Canucks - They're not booing, they're Luing!!
Minnesota Wild - I hate this bloody team
Colorado Avalanche - No smitty and No sakic means no playoffs
Edmonton Oilers - First regulation win since Dec 2????? Puhlease

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