Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trade Motivation

I've been pondering about players who get traded. They almost always seem to play well their next game with their new club. It's some sort of phenomenon ... can proving their old club wrong really make them that good for that one game, or rejuvenate them for weeks?

I mean, for example:

Craig Conroy sucks ass in LA, gets traded to Calgary, then the next night I think he pots in two goals. Don't quote me on that, but I know he played really well. He was good for the rest of the season, probably rubbing it in LA's celebrity ridden face.

Mark Recchi, gets waived by the Penguins and is a healthy scratch for 8 games, then scores two his first game with Atlanta and has been playing at a pointagame pace so far.

Andy McDonald just got a goal tonight and he's been shitty this season.

There are many more than I don't remember

If I were a coach, I'd make a complete overhaul every week. Trade the entire team per week so everyone would be motivated to play well for me. We'd be 82 - 0 I swear.

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