Friday, December 21, 2007

The Secret behind Ottawa's Success

While their record isn't as inflated as Edmonton with it's 10-2 record in shootouts, the question still remains ... is Ottawa one of the best teams in the NHL, or simply, a very good team.

In a recent Calgary Herald article, Ottawa was ranked 26th/30 for road game viewership. Apparently they draw one of the least amount of fans in opposing buildings. THIS MUST BE A HUGE ADVANTAGE. On their previous roadswing, most of the games they played were said to have an arena that was half full!

Daniel Alfreddson even commented on how when he looks in the stands, he usually expects to see as many empty seats as fans when he's on the road.

This is such a crazy advantage that it boggles my mind:
Not only do they not have a loud crowd that can cheer on their team or heckle opponents, the fans that do show up for the game probably don't even care about it. Ottawa doesn't have to worry about teams building momentum after a big goal, there is no one to cheer them all. No more booing Heatley or Spezza (that they can hear). It's just a neutral building.

So instead of home ice advantage they have "home ice advantage AND neutral away building advantage"
Yunno what, neutral ice advatange may even be better than home ice advantage for the following reasons:
1) You just go out and play your game
2) Don't have to worry about your own fans if you're playing poorly
3) Don't try anything fancy to impress your home crowd
They will just go out there and do their job.

Also, Ottawa's home record is currently
While their away is : 11-3-2

So I dunno, they are a really good team, but their record may be inflated a tad. I'm gonna invent this term ok Marc, it's called Neutral Ice Advantage. NIA for short.

Tey should adjust standings with economics. Sort of like how Titanic is the #1 grossing movie of all time but if you adjust for inflation Gone of With The Wind is actually the highest grossing? We and me are gonna be Co-Commissioners of the NHL some day.

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