Thursday, December 6, 2007

Killer Crawford

Heres what TSN is reporting:

Marc Crawford, who's been thrust into the spotlight cast by Todd Bertuzzi's infamous on-ice assault against Steve Moore, is staying quiet amid explosive allegations he called for retaliation against the Colorado Avalanche forward back in 2004.

Excactly how did he do this? By pointing to Moore's jersey number on a bulletin board in the dressing room and stating that "he must pay the price". One must keep in mind, that it was only a few games earlier that Steve Moore gave a flying cheapshot elbow to canucks star Markus Naslund. Is it possible that Bertuzzi and Crawford had different definitions of the term 'pay the price'? Is it possible that Crawford was speaking to the canucks enforcer Brad May moreso than Todd Bertuzzi? who knows.

PS) I just thought of something. imagine if anaheim won the cup this year. wouldn't it bee weird if bertuzzi won the stanley cup. i just couldn't imagine it.

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