Monday, December 10, 2007

I am so stoked for Christmas

Dude, I was looking at the Calgary Flames broadcast schedule and it's seriously amazing.

Every single Flames game is aired from when I get home, until I leave. I'm going to try and catch all of them, I need my dose of hockey.

Also, the 2nd annual Nucks Flames New Years Eve Rumble is on, I'm excited for that. Should we just relax, watch the game, and then some movies and drink some champagne (pronouced sham- pahg- knee)

Anyways, also the world freaking juniors starts when we get back too. Freaking, it's going to be amazing. We'll have to budget all our time just so we can watch hockey. I am excited.

Let's write a letter to Gary Bettman and reasons why it should be a 5 on 5 shootout. That would be fun.

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